Friday, October 17, 2014

My Husband's Side of the Room

Why, oh why, does my hubby hate the hamper so much???

Luckily, you have to go all the way around our bed to see this.  So anyone who visits and takes a quick look into our room won't see the mess.  Lucky me...I get to see it!

Sometimes I think they all do it on purpose, just to make me crazy!

What's making you crazy these days?


  1. Oh my god, this is exactly what my husband's side of the bed looks like as well! Recently I conducted some 'research' into the matter while visiting his family and discovered that both his younger brother and dad are like this too! THEY ALL HATE THE HAMPER!! I don't get it but it made me feel comforted to know that the struggle isn't mine to bear alone... their wives are pissed about it too!

  2. It's funny how we find it comforting to find others that have the same struggle...even if it's about something completely ridiculous! LOL