Saturday, August 9, 2014

What's Growing Out Of My Couch

My husband is a ball player.  Not professional or anything like that...but he played as a kid, and in college, and at 37 is still playing in an adult men's league.  

He also coaches my daughter's softball team.  I usually find baseballs, baseball hats, and scorebooks randomly placed all over the house.  The bats are normally kept in the garage.

Except when he goes all Tom Cruise-from A Few Good Men-like and starts carrying the bat around the house talking to himself because he's stressed about making coaching decisions for my daughters team.

When that happens, you get this...

 ...bats left every where!  It's growing out of my couch!

It could be worse...I could lift up the couch cushions and take a peek, but I think some things are better left unseen!