Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How Many Cups Are On Your Kitchen Table?

I live with three other people...my husband, and my two children.  Yet, somehow, I woke up this morning with 10 assorted cups on my kichen table.

That's 2 mugs, 6 glasses, and 2 metal cups.

Don't see the second metal cup?  That's because it's hiding behind the napkins.

To be fair, the glass all the way on the left and the union jack mug are mine.  Who owns the rest?

What is your ratio of people you live with to cups on your table?


  1. There is just me and my wife. One day this week I got up and there were five cups on my coffee table alone another two in the kitchen. I have no idea how the hell we go through so many.

    scruffy-duck.net // Welsh Bloggers

    1. It's not just me! LOL Is it bad that your crazy is similar to my crazy and that makes me feel better?

  2. JUST the table? How about the rest of the house. Some days you'd swear there were a dozen people living at my house. :) History Sleuth's Writings - Blogging A-Z

    1. I was trying to concentrate on just one room :) There was another glass next to my sink...and usually there's also one on the island! Why? WHY???